Die Mitteldrahterodiermaschine für Drahterodiermaschinen eröffnete eine große Chance für die Entwicklung


Mit der Anpassung der Produktstruktur der Sonderbearbeitungsmaschinenindustrie hat die mittelschnelllaufende Drahterodiermaschine WEDM eine große Entwicklungschance eröffnet und wurde nach und nach zum neuen Hauptdarsteller in der Sonderbearbeitungsmaschinenindustrie. Im Jahr 2001 wurde die Ausgabe von MittelgeschwindigkeitDrahterodieren wire-cutting machine tools in our country was only 150. By 2004, it had reached 1,800, and in 2005 it had risen to 2,400. In 2006, it is expected to produce 3,500 to 4,000 units per year, with an output value of about 2.5 billion to 30. Million yuan, medium-speed Drahterodieren wire-cutting machine tool manufacturers are currently the largest variety of special processing machine tool industry in terms of output value.
The main reasons why medium-speed Drahterodieren wire-cutting machines have become the new main force in the market are as follows:
Medium-speed Drahterodieren WEDM machine tools can meet the needs of equipment replacement. In 2005, my country's mold output value reached 62 billion yuan, and there were more than 20,000 enterprises. With the continuous development of precision, complex, and long-life molds, the processing equipment of many mold companies has been updated one after another, and the medium-speed Drahterodieren wire-cutting machine is an indispensable important equipment for mold processing. The renewal of equipment in my country's aerospace, military and other fields has also promoted the rapid development of medium-speed Drahterodieren wire-cutting machine tools.

It has become the final processing method of precision molds. In the past, the surface of medium-speed wire-cut wire-cut EDM machines would produce a "deteriorated layer", which affects the life of the mold. Now the medium-speed wire-cut Drahterodieren machine has eliminated the "deteriorated layer" and its surface accuracy , Surface roughness can meet the requirements of precision, complex, and long-life molds, and can be used as the final processing method of precision molds just like grinding.

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