Drei Kriterien für die Auswahl von Hydrauliköl für Spritzgießmaschinen!


Spritzgießmaschineist ein Kunststoffverarbeitungsprozess, die Polymerverarbeitung wird viel Energie verbrauchen und auch in der Kühlvorrichtung, der Luftkompression und anderen Verbindungen wird ein großer Energieverbrauch erzeugt. Eine Spritzgießmaschine mit so großem Energieverbrauch benötigt natürlich Hydrauliköl. Haben sehr hohe Standards produziert, also wie wählt man das Hydrauliköl der Spritzgießmaschine aus? Es gibt drei Hauptstandards als Referenz!

Eines der Kriterien für die Auswahl von Hydrauliköl fürSpritzgießmaschine: Hydrauliköl mit geeigneter Viskosität und Temperatur wählen. Die Viskositätsanforderungen des Hydrauliköls bei der Arbeits  temperature and starting temperature of the Spritzgießmaschine are related to the fluidity of the hydraulic action of the Spritzgießmaschine and the accuracy of the transmission, which directly affects the working efficiency of the Spritzgießmaschine. Therefore, the hydraulic oil selection of the Spritzgießmaschine should consider the viscosity and stability. Whether the performance meets the requirements of the production work, if it does not meet the requirements, it should be replaced in time. At the same time, according to different external environmental temperatures, it is also necessary to appropriately select the appropriate hydraulic oil.

Das zweite Kriterium für die Auswahl von Hydrauliköl fürSpritzgießmaschine: anti-wear hydraulic oil. Generally, under high-pressure work, it will increase the friction during work. Therefore, anti-wear hydraulic oil is a hard requirement. It can not only reduce friction on Spritzgießmaschines. The damage can also improve work efficiency. At the same time, this hydraulic oil also has anti-rust and anti-oxidation effects. The anti-wear hydraulic oil that is given priority for Spritzgießmaschines is generally No. 46 or No. 68.

Das dritte Kriterium für die Auswahl von Hydrauliköl fürSpritzgießmaschine: the shear stability of the hydraulic oil. In the production process, the hydraulic oil will be severely sheared when passing through the micro-holes of the pump and valve. At this time, the performance and effect of the hydraulic oil will be damaged. Therefore, when the hydraulic oil is selected, the resistance to the hydraulic oil is Shearing capacity must have a high-demand selection standard, which has a good protective effect on maintaining the functionality of the Spritzgießmaschine.

There are standards for selecting hydraulic oil, and there must be standards during the use of hydraulic oil. Some hydraulic oils have a reduced efficiency after being used for a period of time, so they must be replaced in time. The blackening of the hydraulic oil or the presence of some impurities in the hydraulic oil is to remind us that there has been a problem with the hydraulic oil. We must pay attention to timely supplement and replacement of the hydraulic oil. This is not only for the maintenance of the Spritzgießmaschine, but also saves time and electricity. , An effective guarantee for work.
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